Dusen dusen x highlow


" I love Ellen’s work and her brand, Dusen Dusen. Her designs are always so recognizable, and I love how playful they are and how happy they feel. After connecting with Ellen on IG, we traded a dress for some jewelry and wore each other’s work pretty much all the time.



I started noticing we weren’t the only ones wearing Highlow and Dusen Dusen together, and later a friend joked about buying a dress-and-necklace combo pack. That’s how the idea for a proper collaboration came about, to do something more.



I love the concept of blending jewelry with clothes, camouflaging it against these bold, colorful motifs. And there you have it, Dusen Dusen and Highlow made a design baby. We hope you love it as much as we do. "



Art Direction + Photography by Kourtney Jackson

Graphic Design by Tina Miyakawa

Prints by           Ellen Van Dusen